During 2015, I’ve had 543 successful bets out of 568 – a 95.6% strike-rate! You too can rake in the profits by joining a tipping service that is different from all of the others. Read on…

Dear Betfair Profit-Seeker

My name is Chris Williams and many of you will know me from the highly-successful series of football trading techniques that I have sold at FootballTradingSecrets.co.uk  as well as my previous greyhound laying services and my blog SecretsOfAProGambler.
Earlier this year, I released a new betting system called the Football Cash Machine System
Several purchasers asked me to set up a football tips service that would provide all of the football tips that I myself place using the Football Cash Machine System.  This is what I have now done although the service has now progressed to not only providing Football Cash Machine (FCM) system bets but also bets that use additional filters that I use with FCM.
The service started in February 2015 and has been profitable every single month except for June & July. Look at the results from my Betfair Profit & Loss account screenshots:

In February, there were 51 bets, 50 0f which were successful (a 98% strike-rate!)

(Click on each image to enlarge)

 Feb 2015 1-20 Feb 2015 21-40Feb 2015 41-51

The profit is small because I used increasing stakes throughout the month. At the start I was using £2 stakes (and earning less than £1 per bet) and by the end I had increased the stake to £40. My betting bank was just over £500. This explains why the single losing bet had a big impact on the profit for the month. Note that the profit shown is after Betfair commission has been deducted.

In March, there were 59 bets and all 59 were successful (a 100% strike-rate!)

(Click on each image to enlarge)

March 2015 1-20March 2015 21-40March 2015 41-59

As you can see, I made a few £s with every bet & made £202.64p in total profit (once again after Betfair commission). Whilst I did increase the stake size during the month, I did not increase it by as big a factor as in February.

In April, there were 96 bets of which 91 were successful (a 94.8% strike-rate). But even though the number of losing bets was higher than I would normally expect, I still ended up with a small profit! 

(and even just one less loser would have bumped the profit up by at least £120!)

April 2015 1-20April 2015 21-40April 2015 41-60April 2015 61-80April 2015 81-96

In May, there were 65 bets and 63 were successful (a 96.9% strike-rate)

May 2015 1-20May 2015 21-40May 2015 41-60May 2015 61-65

 June turned out to be a bad month with a reduced number of bets due to the end of the main European football season & 3 unsuccessful bets.

The final result for June was that there were 30 bets with 27 being successful*
(a 90% strike-rate)

June 2015 1-20June 2015 21-30

* Note that the bets were split into 2 types – official bets & optional bets. Since I placed bets on every match I have shown the total in the above screenshots & figures.

June was the first month for which a loss (£246-64p) was made. However, just as April ended up with a profit despite 5 losing bets, I do expect to recover all losses once we can get back to a higher number of bets per month.

From July onwards, I will no longer be showing my Betfair Profit & Loss screenshots on this site. This is not because I have stopped placing bets but because I am now using my betting bank with 2 other systems (these are my new systems Football Dutching Systems & CS Lay Method – this means that my bank no longer reflects just the results from this tipping service. Instead, you will be able to follow how I am growing my betting bank with not only FootballProfits tips but also other techniques on my blog at secretsofaprogambler.com

The results for all tips will still be updated and accessed using the link in the menu at the top of this page – and there will be this performance summary table:

YearMonthWinning betsStrike-rateProfit*Chris's bank
at end of
Chris's typical stake
per match
Overall1226 out of 129694.6%
2015Feb50 out of 5198%£21.26p£560.61p3.9%£2-£40
Mar59 out of 59100%£202.64p£763.25p36.1%£40-£150
Apr91 out of 9694.8%£9.11p£772.36p1.2%£150-£207
May63 out of 6596.9%£97.16p£869.52p12.6%£154-£207
June27 out of 3090%-£246.64p£622.88p- 28.4%£106-£180
July34 out of 3694.4%-£88.29p£534.59-14.2%
Aug48 out of 5096%N/AN/AN/A
Sep29 out of 3096.7%N/AN/AN/A
Oct36 out of 36100%N/AN/AN/A
Nov37 out of 4092.5%N/AN/AN/A
Dec69 out of 7592%N/AN/AN/A
2016Jan67 out of 7787%
Feb67 out of 7391.8%
Mar61 out of 6495.3%
Apr80 out of 8198.8%
May50 out of 5590.9%
June23 out of 2592.0%
July48 out of 5489%
Aug39 out of 4097.5%
Sep36 out of 36100%
Oct50 out of 5394.3%
Nov70 out of 7494.6%
Dec92 out of 9695.8%


So how can you join this service to get your share of the money to be made?

  • To access to ALL  of the bets that I place every week (typically 10-15 in the main football season), then you need to subscribe for the very reasonable subscription of just

£15 per month

Click on this link to subscribe

To join just click on the link above & you will be taken to the PayPal payment page. After payment, you will be taken to a page giving you further instructions for how to get your Username & Password. Should you have any problems subscribing or accessing the Members’ Area, then please email me at losinglays@winning.com

Questions you may have

“When are tips available & how will I get them?”

Tips are NOT sent out by email – you will need to access this site for the tips.

“Do I really need to buy the Football Cash Machine System before I can use the tips?”

No! You no longer need to. In the Members’ Area of the website, you will be told what the bet type is. You will not have access to the Football Cash Machine system so you will not know how the bets have been selected. In any case, the service now includes additional bets that do not conform to the Football Cash Machine rules.

“Can I check the past results for the tips?”

Yes. Unlike quite a few other tipping services, I provide full evidence for every single bet that I myself place. You won’t find just the profitable months listed & the losing months ignored. You can see every single bet! There is a link in the top menu to the ‘FCM – Results 2015’ page. 

“Are there any independent reviews of Football Cash Machine?”

Many so-called “review” sites give their opinions about tipping services and betting systems without actually bothering to buy the service/system & testing it out over a period of time.
One exception to this is More Money Review who are conducting a long-term test of the Football Profits service. Click here to read the full review.

“How much can I make?”

This naturally depends on the strike-rate and your stake size.
If you use £40 stakes and get an average profit per match of only £2-50p (it could be higher than this if you use any of the staking techniques that are detailed on the website), then for 60 matches you will make £150 (All figures are after Betfair commission). 60 matches per month is the typical number of bets that I provide each month during the main European football season.
Suppose that 1 match out of the 60 is a losing bet (ie a 98% strike-rate), then your profit would be £110. Higher stakes would produce bigger profits, for example:
– £100 stakes could generate £275 each month (with a 98% strike-rate) – that’s £3300 p.a.
-£200 stakes could generate £550 per month that’s £6600 p.a.
– £1000 stakes could generate £2750 per month – that’s a very nice £33,000 p.a. And since all Betfair profits are TAX-FREE, you would need to earn about £45,000 in a job to end up with £33,000 in your pocket.
The above stakes may sound large, but with each stake being 20% of the betting bank, then even the £1000 stakes would require a £5000 bank which isn’t that big.
Now the above figures may not sound like much and – to be honest – you are very unlikely to end up making £250,000 per year using this system unless you use compounding (see below). BUT – Football Profits is a nice, steady earner over the long-term and can certainly give you some extra luxuries in your life. For example, you could easily pay the monthly payments on a brand new car, or take the family on a Mediterranean cruise!

“How could I turn £100 into £349K+ over 6 years?”

The most effective way to make substantial money from betting is to use ‘compounding’ rather than try to get a monthly income from bets.
Here is a short video that explains what compounding is, & how powerful it is in building up life-changing profits:


 I look forward to providing you with football tips for many years to come & will hopefully help you to build up your own life-changing betting bank. You can rest-assured that I will make every effort to give you profitable tips.

Chris Williams